David Henon

Holder of degree in Sport, I offer you some sport courses depending on your expectations and goals, from simply getting fit, working on your perineum or building muscles to train for a competition…

Some of the current practices can be harmful. Causing the descent of organs, lumbars pains, joints disorders…

Thanks to my expertise in this field, I ensure you a safe practice as well as different types of relaxations, according to your demands.

Concerned about your well-being, I also possess certified training in different techniques of massages as The Californian, The Hot Stone, and the Cranial. I can receive you at my home or I can go at your home.

I am equipped to perform the sessions at your home, be it for a one to one session, or with friends.

For more details or informations, you are welcome to check my website .

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sportively, David


Physical activities

Life has its little ups and down for every one of us. For whatever reason you have given up all physical activities a long time and now you fell a lack of agility, strength, you have some back pains and some movements seem quite painful to realise. This causes you trouble in your everyday life and you would like to change it by getting back in shape ?
Don’t hesitate any longer, my program is made for you.

Through a sage practice of sports, you will be able to:

  • Build your muscles and strength
  • Get fit
  • Work on your perineum
  • And above all, ENJOY the practice of physical activity.

For that, the procedures that I’ve put in place are based on the variety of the different techniques employed as the hypoppressive gymnastics, the walk, the jogging, the splits shift, different kinds of musculation, ability…..

Training for an event

You would like to prepare for a sporting event, or a professional test ( for the army, fireman…). Thank to this program you are going to be ready in time.

Be careful, you have to train at least 3 months before the deadline, 2 or 3 times a week.

Different techniques we will be used as the slits shift, different kinds of bodybuilding…



Our lifestyles can be really stressful. Everything is getting faster and faster and we are always in a hurry. Let’s no even start on how we undergo more and ore pressure on the workplace.
Life can be tough and aggressive that is why we need to relax Thankfully, there are efficient ways to do. So what is better than a good massage, as the Californian, The Hot Stones, The Cranial ?

According to the chosen options, these services are available at your home or at my domicile.


  1. The first session will consist in assessing your physical fitness level and setting together yours goals and a personalized program.
  2. You will need to sign a certificate stating that your health authorizes the practice of any physical activity or provide a medical certificate.
  3. Payment modalities:
    • By check or cash at the end of each session or,
    • Every 3 sessions for the commitment of more 10 sports courses.
  4. The sport equipment is provided.
  5. The sports courses benefit of tax advantages.



1 session 5 sessions 15 sessions 30 sessions
1 person 39 € 37 € 32 € 30 €
2 persons 33 € 30 € 27 € 25 €
3 persons 27 € 25 € 22 € 20 €
4 persons 20 € 18 € 16 € 15 €


Cranial massage 20 € for 20 min
Special Back massage 30 € for 30 min
The Californian massage 50 € for 60 min
The Hot Stones massage 60 € for 70 min

Contact me

Email: david@formeetzenitude.fr
N°SIRET : 754 049 260
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Abs workouts can be dangerous. If they are not done properly, those exercices can lead to the pelvic organ descent, incontinence and do not make a flat belly, unlike what we think.
The method is based on the breath, torsions, that is benefit for the perineum , the back, the urine leakage and of course your silhouette.
At the beginning it is an excellent way to work your breathing and muscular capacities in all safety.
It is an excellent way to work your breathing and muscular capacities.
It is more requiring than the jogging, it consists in changing between slow and fast races. This way is very efficient to improve your breath.
It is important to decrease injuries and it is benefical for the recuperation.
This kind of massage was developed by Margaret Elke in the sixteen’s . This convenient is based on the orientals technics . It includes some soft, harmonious movements enveloping all the body which favorise a stat of well be.
It is a old method of more 4000 years form indigene of America. The heat’s volcanics stones bring a deep detente, which bring you in a perfect harmony between your body and mind.
This kind of massage come from India, it allows to relieve the different cranial tensions, decrease the stress and it is perfect for a relaxant moment.